FREE Pinterest Courses to Take You To Pinterest Expert

100% Free Pinterest Courses to Make you a Pinterest Experts to Make you

Learning Pinterest strategy can be tough trying to learn all on your own. How do you become an expert at Pinterest without investing all your savings at once? Lucky for you, there are a lot of amazing bloggers and social media managers out there who are eager to share their knowledge in loads of free courses!

I’ll admit, when I first started out as a Pinterest Strategist, I soaked up ALL the free information that I could! 


That’s why I’ve created a round up of FREE PINTEREST COURSES to help you master Pinterest strategy, so you can get your foot in the door, and start your very own Pinterest VA biz!

These free courses are jam-packed with valuable information, and most lead to a bigger, better full-length course to check out, too. These Pinterest courses are great for helping you grow your business and for using the skills you learned to manage Pinterest accounts for clients. 

100% Free Pinterest courses to turn you into a Pinterest Expert.

Pin Practical Ads by Redefining Mom


Monica teaches you to find the right keywords to target for your promoted pins campaign, match keywords for enhanced Pinterest ad results, create click-worthy Pinterest images that convert, map out a strategy with proven promoted pins ad funnels, and target the right audience for your promoted pin campaign! 


Monica is one of my FAVORITE ladies and I can’t recommend Pin Practical Ads enough! 


Join HERE –


Free Pinterest Course by Moms Make Cents


McKinzie will teach you how to create a perfectly optimized Pinterest profile,  her secrets to viral pins, how to be present on Pinterest all day with only an hour of work/ week, which myths are GARBAGE and which you should actually listen to, and the most common mistakes that bloggers make! 


Join her course HERE


How to drive tons of traffic to your website from Pinterest – Anastasia Blogger


In this masterclass, Anastasia teaches you to be confident targetting high search volume keywords, leverage seasonal and Holiday traffic spikes on Pinterest to maximize your income, create an ideally SEO optimized pin for Pinterest, and craft pin images which generate a ton of engagement (without Photoshop!).


Join her master class HERE


Pinterest Power – Summer Tannhauser


Summer is gonna teach you how to gain significant followers in 7 days, how to create an awesome pinning strategy without a bunch of content, quick tips to maximize the reach of your pins, the best way to actually use pinterest traffic for increased profit, sales + email list subscribers, AND how to move past the basics!


Join her 5 day course HERE


Pinterest Strategist Mini Bootcamp


Did you know that I put together a free 5-day mini course to help you discover if being a Pinterest manager is a good fit for you? Heck yeah I did! I’ll teach you all about auditing client profiles, pinning strategies, tailwind scheduling, analytics, and even how to find clients!! 



Free Courses To Take You To Pinterest Expert

Now that you have all these amazing courses to check out, let us know… what course are you going to start with?! What’s the most intriguing?!  


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