Client Case Study: How I Increased Monthly Views to 1 Million in 60 Days

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Oh Pinterest! The little jewel in my eye! How I love to use you to help my clients reach new heights! Like the time I saw rapid growth in just 60 days, increasing monthly Pinterest views to 1 Million! Or the time I helped that other client increase click throughs by over 1,000% in just 60 days.  Curious how you can take your profile to a pro status and start seeing results, too? Well, today I’m spilling the beans on how I was able to take a stagnant account to a successful 1 million profile views in less than 2 months! This post is jam packed with the strategy on how to increase Pinterest views quickly!

Pinterest Client Case Study: How I increased my client's Pinterest click throughs by 1,000% in 30 days

Client Case Study: Increase Outbound Clicks from Pinterest By 1000%

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Are you wondering how to increase your traffic from Pinterest? It’s a game that you gotta play hard, are you ready to get inside the head of a Pinterest strategist and steal the secrets I’ve built up from managing a dozen client accounts? I remember that one time I helped my client take their Pinterest profile from a sad 7 clicks/month to over 1,000 clicks in less than 2 months.   The stats were impressive. In the next 30 days, I helped them increase their now 100 clicks in a month by over 1,111%!   My report to my client reads: “We noticed an increase in traffic from last month’s 108 to over 1,000 clicks. 1,308 clicks to your website […]