Are you wondering how to increase your traffic from Pinterest? It’s a game that you gotta play hard, are you ready to get inside the head of a Pinterest strategist and steal the secrets I’ve built up from managing a dozen client accounts?

I remember that one time I helped my client take their Pinterest profile from a sad 7 clicks/month to over 1,000 clicks in less than 2 months.


The stats were impressive. In the next 30 days, I helped them increase their now 100 clicks in a month by over 1,111%!  

My report to my client reads:

“We noticed an increase in traffic from last month’s 108 to over 1,000 clicks. 1,308 clicks to your website in fact! That’s a huge increase in just 30 days. It’s over a 1,111% increase!

Repins from your website alone were 1,488! Last month’s repin count was about 150 from your own pins. An overall increase of about 892%.

Monthly profile impressions were at 162.8k compared to only 55k last month! In case you’re keeping track of that increase, it’s a 196% increase.

Followers shot up from 483 to 509, proving that you don’t need a huge following to increase your traffic with Pinterest.”


OVER 1,000%! That’s crazy talk for growth!


Anyways, I bet you’re here to figure out how that unfolded and how you can get those kinds of results from your own account.

Pinterest Client Case Study: How I increased my client's Pinterest click throughs by 1,000% in 30 days

Well, first of all, my client made the decision to let their account be managed be a professional Pinner so they could focus their time on what matters. When they handed over the keys, they allowed me to update their content with fresh pins primed for Pinterest. This particular client was a home builder, and boy did people go nuts over these pins with floor plans!

This was not a brand new account. The account was already set up for a business profile and they were pinning graphic straight from their website fairly often. The problem? They were pinning ONLY images from their website.


So I took over their account and provided 20 custom pins for them every month and pinned a total of 20 pins per day. Each week I would schedule the week ahead with an even ratio of their pins to other people’s pins. 


Creating 20 new pins each month allowed me to create fresh content to please the Pinterest Glob and show up more in searches. These custom pins contained strong keywords and several hashtags, too.


I, of course, had to use Tailwind to schedule these pins, this is a lot of pins per day and you do not want to miss a single day of being active on this platform. Pssst! If you click that link you’ll get a free month of Tailwind when you upgrade to Plus, then we can be Tribe buddies in the Pinning and Winning Tribes!


That’s it really. There were no magic group boards or even Tailwind Tribes at that time. Tailwind Tribes are my favorite, and can you imagine if they existed when I was on this project? Sprinkle in a little magic to your own current strategy and let’s taco bout it!

Client Case Study increasing clicks from Pinterest.

If your business needs a little extra traffic, then consider adding a Pinterest strategist to your team to help you start seeing snowballs of traffic coming from Pinterest making Pinterest your number one source of traffic in as short as 90 days! Send me an email at while I continue to work on my website redesign and we can uncover a good marketing strategy for your small business!



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I like to say I turned my Pinterest obsession into my profession! 
I’ve been working with the platform since 2017. In 2020 I quit my day job, niched down to serve coaches and now I’m obsessed with leveraging Pinterest for generating Passive Income, so I’m sharing everything I know about getting started and GROWING a successful evergreen digital product suite that generates LIFELONG FANS!!

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