Oh Pinterest! The little jewel in my eye! How I love to use you to help my clients reach new heights! Like the time I saw rapid growth in just 60 days, increasing monthly Pinterest views to 1 Million! Or the time I helped that other client increase click throughs by over 1,000% in just 60 days. 

Curious how you can take your profile to a pro status and start seeing results, too? Well, today I’m spilling the beans on how I was able to take a stagnant account to a successful 1 million profile views in less than 2 months! This post is jam packed with the strategy on how to increase Pinterest views quickly!


Do you want to know how I was able to help another account go from a sad 7 clicks to over 1,000 clicks in JUST 60 days? That’s another success story in my repertoire that you’ll want to check out HERE.

How I Increased Pinterest Page Views To 1 Million in 60 Days

How I increased Pinterest views to 1 Million for my client in just 60 days. How to get more views on Pinterest. How to increase Pinterest views organically.

This is a little anecdote about my very first Pinterest client. When I started working with this fashion and lifestyle blogger client, she had been on Pinterest for months and not seeing any results back to her website. Actually, not only was this my first client, but I was her first social media manager, so she brought me on board to change all that lack of traffic nonsense!

There were a few major mistakes I noticed:

Number one, she was not sharing any content but her own. In case you haven’t heard this one already, that’s a no-go! You must be pinning from other sources and not just spamming your boards with your own pins all the time!

Number two, she was not using any custom pins to grow her brand awareness and meet the preferred 2:3 ratio of pins.

The first 60 days we worked together I worked to change all that so she would start to see her profile and pins get noticed, AND get traffic back to her site.

My Pinning Process

With 3 new blog posts coming out every week, it was easy to add fresh content to please Pinterest. I created 2 pins for every post and added her photos to Tailwind as well.

We started with a small amount of pins per day – scheduling just 10 pins per day we were able to see drastic results in less than 2 months. In case you’re curious, we upped it to 20/day in month 3!

The ratio for her website content to other pins was 20/80. This is a starting ratio I almost always suggest for new clients. This ratio is a great starting point because it favors other content and starts to get your pins noticed more, upping the value of your own profile & pins. This was a good ratio to follow because my client had lots of pics for every post and it made sure we were not just spamming the same link, different pic all day long, which would have been easy to do!

I used Tailwind to schedule ahead, about 5-7 days in advance. Tailwind is an absolute must in my line of business as it’s a huge time saver (and a headache saver). Taking about an hour out of my week, I was able to schedule out content in a perfect ratio, at preferred times (thanks for that insight, Tailwind).

My Other Pinning Trick?

Just some manual pinning, no big deal. Pinning for a living, you know how it goes. Checking notifications and acting on them is what we’ll call engagement. Checking out notifications, following new pinners, and repinning your own pins from other people’s boards is done once a week and is a good time to schedule content to Tailwind as well. 

I followed up on the initial screenshot I took of the starting analytics after 60 days and I was wowed by the amount of times her pins and profile were now being seen on a daily basis! My very first client! Seeing results this quick! #proudmamamoment #proudpinnner
How I increased Pinterest views to 1 Million for my client in just 60 days. How to get more views on Pinterest. How to increase Pinterest views organically.

Back in the day my analytics reports were majorly weak compared to the 5-page minimum report I offer my clients now. I basically sent her school reports with nothing but text block after text block. Paragraph after paragraph. I’ve since created a highly-visual report with screenshots from several analytics within Pinterest.

I should really write a new post that goes into what I personally include in my analytics report and the snapshot report. To let you guys grab a template, or at least get inspired to design your own pretty report. Where are my fellow creatives?

Anywho, we started around 37k and in 60 days reached 1 million. Month two we saw a small increase of 16% in profile views and small increase of clicks from just 21 to 175. Total clicks by the 60th day were just 3 shy from 400 clicks. Over the course of these 60 days followers increased from 22 to 93, a steady, organic growth.

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I like to say I turned my Pinterest obsession into my profession! 
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