how to use Pinterest to Get More Sign Ups To Your Freebie

How is your freebie treating ya?

Do you want it generating leads daily from the opt-in on your website or do you want it sitting stagnant until you start promoting it?

I’m currently watching my clients’ opt-ins getting thousands of email subscribers from Pinterest alone. 

I know you created that freebie with the intent of connecting with aligned dream clients, but recently it’s become more of a token trinket that you’re just ‘supposed to’ have.

You’re even thinking about creating another that might work better.

What if the problem wasn’t your freebie? 

Or even your funnel? 

What if you’re suffering from a much more serious problem

A problem called: not enough traffic.

Problem: Traffic or Conversion?

If you had more footprints on your offer, you’d have more conversions. 

Simple math, right? 

That actually brings me to my next point. I heard something on a podcast once,  I can’t remember if it was Simple Pin Media or the Fearless Launching Show, it’s irrelevant which, really. What I heard was an important question to always be asking yourself when looking at why you don’t have sales or clients or sign ups for your freebie:

Do you have a TRAFFIC problem or do you have a CONVERSION problem?

If you’re not getting enough traffic, it’s going to make it difficult to measure that conversion rate, right? 

And if your conversion rate is low, could it be because your traffic is low?
If you increase your traffic, would the conversions look the same, better, or worse?

Always start with increasing traffic because you can build upon those foundations to make adjustments to improve your conversion rate once you have a steady flow of people visiting your offer every day.

Yes, I said every single day.

No, I didn’t say you need to post on social media about it every single day. 

Though I do recommend picking a day to share your freebie at least once a week. 

No, the method of obtaining traffic is a bit different than asking

WHO WANTS MY FREE FREEBIE before I (may but prolly won’t) make it paid?

*insert eyeroll*

Be Available

To increase the likelihood of your dream client landing on your landing page, we actually want to be available to serve them at the precise moment they’re looking for a solution.

It’s easy to be found as the solution when you’re marketing your evergreen content on an evergreen platform such as Pinterest.

Think about this if you will: 
your dream client happens to love using Pinterest!

I bet you never thought about that!
When in fact, something like 85% of Pinterest users are also Instagram users, so if you’re using Instagram to grow your business, there’s a huge potential to reach your dream clients on Pinterest exactly when they’re ready to invest!

On Pinterest

She’s over there on Pinterest searching ALL kinds of things, believe me. 

One of the things she likes to plan on Pinterest is parts of her ever expanding business and entrepreneur mindset.
That happens to be your jam.

You’re all about owning your CEO Energy and empowering women to get theirs and make BANK doing it! 

So of course you have a free opt-in for that topic where she keeps getting stuck. 

When she’s heading to Pinterest more often than not, she has a specific query she wishes to search for to answer her burning question of creating a better CEO schedule or using her Human Design chart to be a better entrepreneur. 


Lo & behold she finds an appealing solution that includes your free downloadable and she signs up.

Not only does she sign up, but she’s made it over to another one of your related blogs and she’s found another freebie that is begging her to take it home, too. Boom. Repeat customer. 

If you’re smart, you can get her attention at the thank you page and bring her back to your community. ;]

Once she’s in your email list, you know the drill.

Nurture your list for success, it’s all yours after all. Doesn’t belong to a social media platform. 

Whatever your specific niche, I’d bet you $100 there are millions of searches going on every month on Pinterest looking for EXACTLY the kind of magic you bring!




So what have we covered in getting more sign-ups for your freebie? 

That you need to address the amount of traffic coming in before you have a good readout of your conversions.
And of course, that you should be bringing Pinterest into the mix!




I like to say I turned my Pinterest obsession into my profession! 
I’ve been working with the platform since 2017. In 2020 I quit my day job, niched down to serve coaches and now I’m obsessed with leveraging Pinterest for generating Passive Income, so I’m sharing everything I know about getting started and GROWING a successful evergreen digital product suite that generates LIFELONG FANS!!

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