Glad you made it here cuz I’m about to share some of my secret sauce for helping coaches like you create a passive income stream that grows your leads simultaneously.

There’s loads of ways to grow your business

You could try any of the following to hit your next income goals:

Raising your prices.
♡Switching from a one to many model.
♡Or adding in a passive product that doesn’t require trading time for invoices. 

While it’s true that all of these require a bit of start up, there is HUGE fucking potential for you to reap the benefits of creating your products one time and making sales on repeat.


What other reasons do you wanna have a digital product suite?

You created an online business to serve people all across the globe.
How epic is that!?!
And that also means that if you’re in The States, your new follower from Australia won’t be able to catch you live all the time, so having content that is accessible day or night is a must in this age of instant gratification.

Be available to your dream client

Having an available suite of offers is exactly what your clients need to see the full picture of working with you. From your freebie to just test the waters, next your mini-course if they’re not sure they’re ready for your 6-month program yet, or your signature high-ticket course that is available with the click of a button. It gets to be easy to scale up.

I love the whole idea of adding a passive income stream to your coaching programs because oftentimes you can repurpose your existing content and really make your biz work FOR you!

15 Passive Product Ideas for Coaches

I’ve curated 15 different ideas just for Coaches who are ready to launch one of their many new Digital Products to grow their passive income stream

1. Digital Courses

2. Workshops

3. Webinars

4. Masterclass

5. Free Challenges

6. Workbooks

7. Checklists

8. Ebooks

9. Self-Published Books

10. Calendars

11. Journal prompts

12. Start a Blog

13. Spreadsheets/Trackers

14. Mini-Course

15. Membership

Do you need help creating a clear outline for your digital product suite and how that fits into your sales funnel?
Let’s make sure your freebie lines up with your bigger goals and is reaching the right audience before you jump into creating something that you feel like scrapping!



I like to say I turned my Pinterest obsession into my profession! 
I’ve been working with the platform since 2017. In 2020 I quit my day job, niched down to serve coaches and now I’m obsessed with leveraging Pinterest for generating Passive Income, so I’m sharing everything I know about getting started and GROWING a successful evergreen digital product suite that generates LIFELONG FANS!!

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