Looking for just the right gift for your best friend who just started her own business? Need to pick a gift for that entrepreneur BFF in your life that comes around a couple times a year. What do you gift that biz bestie for her birthday? What’s a good gift for your boss babe friend on Valentine’s day? Christmas? How can you thank her for being your friend just cuz? I have lots of ideas for gifts for best friends.

I love gifting. And gifting for no reason. I remember once when I was in my early 20s and still living at home with my mom, I brought her home some flowers. And I bought another bouquet of flowers to give to some of my close girl friends at work. They were on sale. I couldn’t resist spreading love!

So I have a long laundry list of ideas for your best friend just in time for Valentine’s Day and beyond!
These are great for other WAHMs and anyone a fan of all things glitter.


Mugs for coffee or wine

A fancy pen

A fancy pen holder


Planners & Journals

Pretty gel pens!

Socks, long socks


Headphones for video chats

Blinging watch

All that glitters



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