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I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth do I need to audit my Pinterest account? Does a Pinterest audit bring me more traffic? Does a Pinterest audit bring me more money? What does it even mean to audit your account?

All that and more answered on today’s post!


What’s an audit?

An audit is a review of your current standing. It’s looking over every area of your account and documenting what’s going on and what’s missing. Auditing is essential for building a strong strategy. And strategy is essential for making money.


How often should I audit?

You can do it once a year. Like at the new year. Or spring for a spring cleaning. Or at the end of the year.

You can do it more than once a year. Clean up every now and again. Once a quarter. Once every season. Once at the beginning of the year and then again halfway through the year.

There is no right or wrong answer, but squeezing in an audit to your Pinterest strategy is beneficial.


How do I audit?

You’ll need at least half an hour to get started. You’re going to review everything on your account. Both public and private. I like to document my audits for my clients WITH A CHECKLIST so I can remember what all we need to work on.








Do you have your website listed? This will help others go directly to your site and it will help Pinterest show your Pins coming from your site. Your website needs to be verified before you can get analytics from it. These analytics let you know how many people are clicking through to your website and also let you know how many pins are being pinned directly from your site. Verifying your site with Pinterest will also let you use Rich Pins which can play a big role in how other people see pins that are from your website.

Do you have a profile picture? This works best with a picture of your face, but your brand’s logo is okay, too. Try to use the same photo you use for other social media outlets so it becomes familiar with your audience on all platforms.

Does your profile have a description/bio with keywords? Since your name is limited to 30 characters, using the description area will help pinners know more about your brand without even having to scroll through your pins (which they inevitably will).

What option are you using for a profile cover? Activity from your website will show recent repin activity. Latest pins will showcase all the pins from your feed. Or you can choose a specific board to display pins from at the top of your profile.

Are you using featured boards? Featured boards pop up at the top of your profile and showcase the boards of your choosing. They are bigger than your other boards. They’re also shown in a carousel format so you can easily see the most “important” boards first.


How many boards do you have? Is it enough? Is it too much? Have you been meaning to make more? Or have you been meaning to clean them up? I like to take into account public boards, secret boards, and group boards.

Do every single one of your boards have a description? Descriptions are the glue that hold everything together on Pinterest. If your board doesn’t have a description, how do you expect others to find it when they’re searching for a board like yours?

Are your board titles clear? While cute names can be fun, boards are sorted by keywords just like pins are, so the more clear the title, the better. For example, one of my personal boards is called, “hey good looking, what you got cooking”. It’s absolutely terrible for search engine optimization, but since I’m not a food blogger, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the name of my hidden board. However, if I were a food blogger, I would want my boards to have a key worded name and be as descript as possible. Example: Healthy foods, Paleo foods, Meals for families, Meals for one

Do your boards all have a category chosen? All going back to getting found in the search results! Without a category, your board is vague and unsortable.

Is the current board layout appropriate? Do you have a board for Christmas at the top of your profile in the middle of summer? Are all of your group boards at the top? Do you have them sorted alphabetically, but some are out of place? Having a nice layout helps gain you followers and helps others find the most important boards first.

Are the pins all relevant? This is a big one! You need to make sure your pins are going to boards that match. Food to food boards. Fashion to style boards. Social media marketing pins to social media marketing boards. Sometimes we may accidentally pin to the wrong board, but sometimes I find a lazy pinner who just saved a bunch of recipes to “animals” just because it was at the top of their list! Don’t be a lazy pinner!


Do your pins have a description? This is most important for your own pins, but it’s a good habit to make sure all of the pins from your account have a description that helps the search engine know what the pin is about and where it leads to. A good description can take up to 500 characters. Descriptions should be written with SEO in mind. Both short and long-tail keywords are appreciated by Pinterest.

Do your pins have a few good keywords? Going back to the short and long-tail keywords for a description, you should be using keywords that please common search results. You can use the search bar in Pinterest to find other relevant searches that add to the description and keywords to make a long tail keyword.

Are your custom pins vertical? Vertical pins are the norm on Pinterest and typically work for you better than any other shape or size. The recommended ratio is 2:3, or 600×900 pixels.

Is your text easy to read? Are you using text at all on your images? Sure, it’s fine to switch it up and use both plain graphics and pins that have text on them, but using text will add a call to action to your audience. This entices them to click though IF they can easily read it and are attracted to what you’re offering them.


What do I do with my audit?

Once you have completed the analysis of your account, you can identify a couple of areas for improvement. Maybe you want to update the look of your pins. Maybe you need to remove several boards from your profile. Whatever it is, you should document it. In my three-page audit (the same one I use with my clients), you can make notes and devise a strategy moving forward.

One of my favorite things about my audit is the spot to include keyword research. Keywords and hashtags will up your game and help improve your number of impressions. For. Real.

Grab your own printable PDF Pinterest audit!



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