The Ground Rules for Powering Up Your Pinterest Profile

You’re getting geared up for Pinterest marketing. I applaud you.

You’ve heard that Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic that attracts your *ideal* audience back to your website. And you want to get in on this gravy train right away! Only trouble is, you feel like there’s so much to learn about using a new platform for business purposes, that you’re frozen and unable to start.

It’s not like you can use the same strategy that works on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s not like you can just slap some images together and hope they stick around on Pinterest.

Pinterest is its own platform that has its own rules for success.


Let me introduce you to the ground rules of creating your Pinterest profile to get you a head start.

#1 Use Pinterest as a search engine, not as a social media. 

You’ve probably heard that Pinterest is a visual search engine. It’s one of the top used search engines, too. Ranked #3, right behind the giants Google and YouTube.
But you may have also heard that Pinterest is a social media platform. Truth be told, it’s a social-media-search-engine-HYBRID, so you get the best of BOTH worlds!

Keyword research for your niche is a MUST! Utilize the search bar on Pinterest to get a feel for the kinds of keywords people are actually searching directly on Pinterest that are related to your niche.

More often than not, pinners use Pinterest to search for a solution to their problem (what’s for dinner, what to buy someone for a gift, how to start or scale a business). You want to pop up for those keywords they’re searching and bring them back to the solution you offer.
What this ultimately means for you: content lasts LONGER than traditional social media. In fact it can resurface for months and even years! Plus, your content is being found by your IDEAL audience. Making it easier to reach the right people who are actually looking for your message.

#2 Attract your ideal audience with a STRONG PROFILE. 

Meaning, you’ve already done your keyword research. You tucked your keyword list away in a Google Doc or Sheet for later use. You’ve created boards with the top keywords for your niche & added keyword-rich descriptions to those boards that your ideal audience would be searching for. Your boards should represent your brand. This is where your future pins will live, so make sure you have at least 10 boards, and at least one for each kind of content you create. You want to get specific, but you also want to have boards that are more broad.

For example, if you sell handmade jewelry, some of your boards could be:
Handmade Jewelry
Holiday Jewelry
Diamond Jewelry
Amethyst Jewelry

And lastly, you’ve made sure your website is claimed for easy tracking on the platform.


#3 Direct Your Ideal Audience To Your Offers.

The cool thing about using Pinterest is that you get to use it to guide your potential clients through a well-thought-out process of working with you.

Do you want to book more calls in your service-based-biz?
Do you want to make more sales on your brand new product?
Or do you want to use your freebie to grow your email list?

Define your marketing goals and create the links you need to make it an easy yes for your site visitors.

Pinterest WANTS your links. They THRIVE on your links. Especially new links.

Blogs are a great tool on Pinterest because you can create new links quickly, but they’re not the only option.
Landing pages for services/products/courses are also ideal for use on Pinterest because the searchers are seeking an immediate solution.





2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you addressed the links to blogs issue. I feel like everywhere else I read that you basically MUST link to a blog to satisfy the algorithm gods. It’s so refreshing to see someone discuss that links to landing pages are encouraged also!

    1. Thanks, Jennie! I do think blogs are a great fit for Pinterest, but not everyone wants to go in that direction! Using a landing page for your offers can be just as valuable!

I like to say I turned my Pinterest obsession into my profession! 
I’ve been working with the platform since 2017. In 2020 I quit my day job, niched down to serve coaches and now I’m obsessed with leveraging Pinterest for generating Passive Income, so I’m sharing everything I know about getting started and GROWING a successful evergreen digital product suite that generates LIFELONG FANS!!

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