Pinterest Dictionary: Pinterest A to Z

Pinterest Definitions Looking for more information on what all these terms on Pinterest mean? I introduce to you the Pinterest Dictionary! All you need to do is click the one of the words below in pink to get the definition, or keep scrolling for ALL the definitions. Analytics Audience Bio Boards Click-throughs Close-ups Description Group […]

The Ground Rules for Powering Up Your Pinterest Profile

Ground Rules Power Up Profile

The Ground Rules for Powering Up Your Pinterest Profile You’re getting geared up for Pinterest marketing. I applaud you. You’ve heard that Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic that attracts your *ideal* audience back to your website. And you want to get in on this gravy train right away! Only trouble is, you feel […]

Are You Really Ready To Hire A Pinterest Manager?

Things you need before hiring a Pinterest manager. Thinking about hiring a Pinterest manager? Let's make sure you're really ready!

Things You Need Before You Hire A Pinterest Manager   Ready to hire a Pinterest manager? You may have thought to pick up your phone and ask Google (or maybe even Pinterest, I know I do), “how do I find a trustworthy Pinterest manager?”  I see the question asked all the time in networking Facebook […]

Client Case Study: How I Increased Monthly Views to 1 Million in 60 Days

Oh Pinterest! The little jewel in my eye! How I love to use you to help my clients reach new heights! Like the time I saw rapid growth in just 60 days, increasing monthly Pinterest views to 1 Million! Or the time I helped that other client increase click throughs by over 1,000% in just […]

How To Properly Verify Your Pinterest Account

Guest Post by Lori lei  Lori is a Pinterest Strategist and Manager who owns Planner Wishes by Lori. She provides solopreneurs and entrepreneurs information and tips to gain organic traffic using Pinterest strategies tailored to their business. She’s a mom, and a wife, and lives in paradise-Hawai’i.   At some point in your blogging journey, […]

What To Look For In A Pinterest Manager

5 Major Things To Look For When Hiring A Pinterest Manager

Looking to hire a kickass Pinterest manager? A Pinterest manager is a basically a social media marketing manager who specializes in Pinterest. Pinterest managers and Pinterest strategists can help you create a strategy to reach your business goals and then implement those strategies by taking over and managing your account.   Pinterest is great for […]

Client Case Study: Increase Outbound Clicks from Pinterest By 1000%

Pinterest Client Case Study: How I increased my client's Pinterest click throughs by 1,000% in 30 days

Are you wondering how to increase your traffic from Pinterest? It’s a game that you gotta play hard, are you ready to get inside the head of a Pinterest strategist and steal the secrets I’ve built up from managing a dozen client accounts? I remember that one time I helped my client take their Pinterest […]

How To Get Traffic To Your Website: Ultimate Pinterest Strategy Breakdown

The Ultimate Pinterest Strategy Breakdown. How to get traffic from Pinterest.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Pinterest has this fun nickname and is known around the blogging universe as The Traffic Powerhouse. And for good reason. You can bring in thousands of daily visitors to a new website in a fairly short time (not years, but months) with the right Pinterest strategy. Are you […]

Tried and True Pinterest Strategies

Strategy A planned course of action that has been thought out logically to achieve a goal. Strategies can be applied to any game that takes thought, sports, and marketing, too. Your whole business revolves around plans and I’m sure at least one of you out there calls it a business strategy. Your marketing efforts should […]

SAHM to Pinterest Strategist

I was interested in Social Media Management (SMM) when I started virtual assistant (VA) work in 2016. But, I had no clue how to even get started. It was big, and in some ways social media was downright intimidating. So, I took the best bit of advice I could find for getting started as an […]

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