Looking to hire a kickass Pinterest manager? A Pinterest manager is a basically a social media marketing manager who specializes in Pinterest. Pinterest managers and Pinterest strategists can help you create a strategy to reach your business goals and then implement those strategies by taking over and managing your account.


Pinterest is great for evergreen traffic because pins can circulate season over season, year after year without having to repin them yourself (or post 100 times over and over hoping for a bite at the right time). Pinterest is even known as a traffic powerhouse because it has major potential to be your number one source of traffic.

5 Things To Look For When Hiring Your First Pinterst Manager. Hire Pinterest manager. How to find a good Pinterest manager. How to find a social media manager for Pinterest.

Getting started is often the hardest part. You jump in. Look around. Pin a bit of this. Pin a lot of your own that. And then give up after 30 days. 60 tops. Nothing extravagant happens.  

But, partnering with a Pinterest strategist can help you unlock that next-level potential in your website. Yes! There are many Pinterest professionals offering to take over your business Pinterest account and pin for you.

However, all Pinterest managers are created equal.


Use this guideline to help you narrow down a professional Pinterest strategist and you’ll be soaring the Pinterest traffic wave soon enough.


There are 5 major things you should look for before hiring that Pinterest manager:

5 Things To Look For When Hiring Your First Pinterst Manager. Hire Pinterest manager. How to find a good Pinterest manager. How to find a social media manager for Pinterest.

  1. Do they have an active Pinterest account? It’s a good idea to scope them out. See that they understand how to attract an ideal client using Pinterest.
    What you should be looking for: Is their website listed? Do they have a bio? Do they have their own branded pins? Do their boards represent their business? Do they have a banner at the top of their page?
    NOTE: DO NOT OBSESS OVER THEIR MONTHLY VIEWER COUNT! This number does NOT correlate with the amount of click-through they are receiving from Pinterest and can fluctuate frequently thanks to Pinterest updates. On top of that, most Pinterest managers spend minimal time scheduling and pinning on their own accounts.
  2. Do they have case studies, or example accounts or reports with a proven track record and documented strategy? Testimonials are also great, but case studies with proven results will help you see what kind of outcomes are typical as well as how your potential Pinterest manager likes to document these results to share with you.
  3. How long are their management packages for? A good Pinterest manager will require at least a 3-month contract for all new clients as this is a serious investment in the overall growth of your business and results do NOT happen overnight!
  4. Are they organized enough to handle the job? A good way to test this is by doing your homework. Do they have their business set up? A website? Some place you could view their services or contact them outside of your original form of contact?  Did they explain in their proposal the strategy they will be executing on your account? Did they require you to sign a contract? Did she outline her process of onboarding & future contact expectations?
  5. Do they have questions for you? A social media manager should be asking you questions that help them to help you. Whenever I can, I try to do my homework on a potential client to make sure we would be a good fit even before a consultation call. Although Pinterest is great for many niches, it certainly works better for some than others (and some not at all).


When you’re considering hiring a Pinterest manager keep these 5 things in mind.






5 Things To Look For When Hiring Your First Pinterst Manager. Hire Pinterest manager. How to find a good Pinterest manager. How to find the perfect Pinterest manager.

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