Why Most Coaches Are Ignoring Pinterest
(And Why You Shouldn't)

Here’s the thing I’ve seen having worked specifically with Pinterest over the last 6 years – 

Most coaches are straight up IGNORING Pinterest for marketing their business.

They focus solely on traditional media & word of mouth for bringing in new clients.

Sure, social media has become an indispensable tool for coaches who wanna attract clients and market their expertise. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the go-to platforms for most, but what if we told you that you’re overlooking a goldmine? 


Pinterest could be the missing secret ingredient to your secret sauce/marketing strategy. 

What makes it so special???
Well, for starters, it’s not social media. Your content has a waaay longer lifespan, plus it’s a platform that allows for creative and diverse content, and a runs on a strong search function. 
Read on to find out why coaches should focus on Pinterest as part of their marketing plan, how to get started, and create compelling content that resonates with your audience.


Why Most Coaches Are Ignoring Pinterest (And Why You Shouldn't)

Instead of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, what if you could attract ready-to-invest dream clients from the visual discovery engine that you’ve been sleeping on? Most coaches overlook this highly popular platform, but it could be the missing piece to your marketing strategy! 


Here’s why I think most coaches are sleeping on this platform: 

Instant gratification/dopamine hits from social media
It’s not social media – so it’s more than just another platform to figure out
It’s got a setup phase – you need a website whereas you don’t need one to sell on social.
It’s built for the long-game – evergreen content way longer lifespan


Here’s why you should pay attentions:

It’s UNTAPPED by most coaches
Its search function means attracting people looking for a solution
It’s also about repurposing your current content for

Don’t let the competition pass you by. By incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy, you can reach a new audience and stand out from the crowd. Start by creating a profile and boards that showcase your coaching expertise and offer valuable resources to your followers. Then, use Pinterest’s unique features to create eye-catching and diverse content that engages your audience. Don’t ignore this untapped market any longer – start leveraging the power of Pinterest today.

Pinterest is NOT social media

You use social media cuz it’s familiar. 

You can jump onto new platforms because the premise is the same: create engaging content that brings more DMs basically. New content. Go live. Consistently show up.


But even though it often gets lumped together with all the traditional social media platforms, Pinterest is actually a search engine.

Pinterest is a search engine first & foremost

Pinterest calls itself a ‘Visual Discovery Engine’. I call it a search engine + social media hybrid


Pinterest has a strong search function that enables users to find content based on specific keywords, phrases, and topics. This means that the people who are finding you from Pinterest are actively searching for solutions.  Hence, why it is an excellent platform for coaches to reach potential clients who are ready for answers. With the right keywords, coaches can optimize their content for Pinterest’s search algorithm, ensuring that their content appears at the top of the search results. 


Pinterest search results are displayed as visually appealing ‘pins’ that lead back to your links.  Those visually appealing ‘pins’ will ignite a fire in them to find out more.  Creating new images for the same content actually makes it easier for coaches to capture their audience’s attention and drive traffic to their website. 

NOTE: When creating content, always keep in mind the keywords and phrases your target audience is likely to search for to maximize your visibility and engagement on the platform.


Using Pinterest as search engine marketing rather than a social media platform will drastically change the way you look at using Pinterest for growing your coaching business!


Pinterest's content lifespan is longer than other platforms

One of the unique features of Pinterest is that content has a much longer lifespan compared to other social media platforms. While a tweet or Facebook post may disappear from users’ feeds within actual minutes, a Pin on Pinterest can continue to be re-pinned and discovered by new users for weeks, months, or even years. This means that your content has the potential to continue generating traffic and leads long after you initially publish it. 


Engagements on Pinterest look different though.

Traditional social media gives you that instant dopamine hit from likes & comments that tell you you’re doing something right.  On Pinterest?  It looks a little different. The way people engage on Pinterest is by saving your pin for later reference over and over, or by going directly to your website from the pins you’ve already saved to your boards.
(note: group boards do have reactions and don’t video pins? But comments are few & far between) 

Pinterest reports that its users have more money to spend than those hanging out on traditional social media. 

They’re also in charge of making money decisions (head of household), so they’re allowed to & more likely to spend that money.


Its users aren’t searching for specific brands in queries, so they’re open to finding new brands to love. 

Make sure you make it easy for them to become a fangirl for life by having a Pinterest-Ready website that keeps them engaged


As a coach, this presents a huge opportunity to create evergreen content that can have a lasting impact on potential clients. By investing a bit of time and effort in creating high-quality content, you can generate leads and interest in your coaching services for weeks, months, or even years to come. Plus, with Pinterest’s longer content lifespan, you can spend more time creating content that truly resonates with your target audience, without worrying about the fleeting nature of social media algorithms. 



Pinterest is an untapped market for coaches

With millions of active users, and billions of monthly searches, Pinterest presents a unique opportunity for coaches to tap into an untapped market. Despite the platform’s potential, most coaches have yet to discover its power as a marketing tool. By leveraging Pinterest’s visual search capabilities, coaches can showcase their expertise and drive traffic to their website. 


Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest’s algorithm favors content that is visually appealing and relevant to the user’s interests. This means that coaches who focus on creating high-quality, engaging visuals that resonate with their target audience are more likely to be seen and shared. 


The advantage of Pinterest’s primary search function allows coaches to be discovered by new markets and attract clients who are actively seeking their services. By creating boards and pins that address common pain points and interests within their niche, coaches can connect with potential clients in a meaningful way. 


To maximize your visibility and engagement on the platform, you should keep in mind the keywords and phrases your target audience is likely to search for. By incorporating these into their pins and boards, coaches can increase their chances of appearing in relevant search results. 

Pinterest allows for creative and diverse content

Although it may not look like it at first glance, no two pins are exactly the same because Pinterest allows for the creation of diverse and creative content. From infographics to step-by-step guides, videos, quotes, and standard pins, the platform offers a range of formats that allow you to showcase your expertise. This unique feature enables coaches to differentiate their content from others in a way that feels true to their brand, and attracts more potential clients to their services. 


Think of it like this-diverse content on Pinterest can help coaches reach a broader audience. For example, a coach who specializes in fitness can create content around various topics such as healthy eating, working out at home, and stress management. By offering a range of content, coaches can tap into different niches and attract diverse groups of people who can benefit from their services because they are searching directly for solutions in those areas. 

Each post or landing page on your site can (and should) have multiple pin design variations. Pinterest LOVES new designs with your existing links, not just new links!


Creating uniquely designed content not only helps coaches stand out but also contributes to the platform’s overall user experience. Pinterest’s algorithm rewards fresh and engaging content, making it easier for coaches to reach their target audience. 

They also show ‘more like this’ under your pins, so if you have more content like that already on Pinterest, YASSS!! Having lots of pins for your evergreen content also allows you to repurpose your existing content in different formats, extending its lifespan while maintaining its quality. 


Alright babe, what are you waiting for?? By ignoring Pinterest you’re missing out on  longer lasting content, attracting ready-to-invest clients, and a huge untapped market. As a coach, it’s easy to stick to the tried-and-true social media platforms. If you need a hand leveraging the power of Pinterest, request a FREE Profitable Pinterest Plan!

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I like to say I turned my Pinterest obsession into my profession! 
I’ve been working with the platform since 2017. In 2020 I quit my day job, niched down to serve coaches and now I’m obsessed with leveraging Pinterest for generating Passive Income, so I’m sharing everything I know about getting started and GROWING a successful evergreen digital product suite that generates LIFELONG FANS!!

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